Are your materials appropriate for certain age groups in Everyday Speech?

Everyday Speech materials are appropriate for learners from preschool up until high school and beyond. We recommend that learners have a strong understanding of language in order for them to follow any social skills/social-emotional curriculum. Our videos and printable activities contain dialogue and language that is required for students to maximize the benefits of our platform. 

However, there are plenty of suggested ways to scaffold the materials or modify them to bolster students’ comprehension. We suggest pre-teaching/previewing the material before introducing lessons, watching video lessons multiple times, and utilizing visual and/or written supports.

How are the materials broken into different age groups?

Materials are labeled as either Pre-K-K, Elementary or Middle-High school based on the difficulty of the skills covered, the age of the actors, and the vocabulary. Scenes are written to be reflective of the intended age group. We often hear that students relate to the actors on screen, which is a powerful benefit of using same-age actors for the intended age groups.


Not quite sure if our Social Communication Curriculum is right for you? Check out our curriculum scope and sequence below to see if the topics covered in our curriculum could benefit your learner!

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