Can we use Everyday Speech in Teletherapy?

Implementation Support

Yes, you can certainly incorporate Everyday Speech in your teletherapy practice! In fact, many telepractice clinicians utilize our materials.  

We suggest sharing your screen to play videos or to go through digital activities like worksheets with your students. All printable materials are downloadable as well, which allows you to download materials ahead of time to share with your students. 

Be sure to allow audio settings so your students can hear the sounds of video lessons and games on their end. If you’re able to share control of the mouse, that may be useful in certain cases too. If you cannot share mouse control, we suggest using this as opportunities to work on expressive language or functional communication by having your student direct you through games!

You may also find this video on What Telepractice Actually Looks Like  helpful!

Please note that Everyday Speech is not affiliated with any virtual meeting platforms and cannot provide technical support on these platforms.