Completing A Send Home Assignment

Once you have shared materials with students, students can now click on the shared link to complete their homework!


When the student receives the link and opens it, they will have direct access to the material. With no need to create an account, your student can open this link on a computer or tablet which will look like this: 


After the student completes the material, they should click the button that says Finish Material and Mark as Complete. This button is not available unless the student is in the final 10 seconds of the video, has downloaded the activity or has opened the game.


When the student clicks this button, they will be prompted to enter their first name and last initial. This information will be reported back to you, so make sure you encourage students to do this when they finish assignments.


Limited Student Access

Students will only have access to the material you shared, with no ability to navigate to other materials or elsewhere in the Social-Emotional Learning Platform. If you want to share multiple materials, we recommend you send multiple links, with one for each material.