How can I convince my staff that SEL is worth our time?

Classrooms with higher social and emotional skills behave better, perform higher, and have healthier interpersonal relationships. Everyday Speech makes SEL easy with a comprehensive curriculum, interactive in-class lessons, and ongoing educator support—we’ve done it all for you!

Our SEL program boasts a no-prep roadmap for teachers and interventionists to follow each week. One of the most important factors in social-emotional development is a student’s relationship with their teacher. This curriculum requires no preparation, yet keeps the teacher central to the lesson to foster teacher-student ties. Our 40-week curriculum is meant to be followed sequentially with the goal of empowering your staff with the structure, tools, and flexibility to teach strategies and skills that nurture healthy individuals.


Do you have any resources to advocate for SEL implementation?


Yes, we do! Because we have truly done it all for you, we have created a slide deck that you can use at staff meetings to convince anyone and everyone that SEL is worth it!

You can access the slide deck here.


To learn more about our SEL curriculum, please click here.