How to Cancel Your Everyday Speech Subscription

This article is only for credit card customers whose subscriptions were purchased directly through our website. If you purchased your subscription through the iOS App Store, please visit

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Some important notes on subscription cancelation:

  1. When you cancel your subscription, this will schedule the cancelation on your next renewal date, which is right before you’d be billed for the next renewal.
    1. This is the case for trial, monthly, and annual subscriptions. 
    2. You will still have access to your subscription until the next renewal date, at which point the account will cancel.
    3. Immediate cancelations can be requested through our Support team. Please reach out to us at, and we can assist you with canceling your account immediately.
2.  No automatic refunds will be issued. However, if you qualify for a refund based on our refund policy, please reach out to us at, and we would be happy to assist you!

If you would like to cancel immediately or have inquiries about a refund, please contact the Support Team.

To learn how to cancel your subscription, watch our video tutorial, view our interactive tutorial, or follow the steps below!


First, log in to your account, click on your email address in the top right corner of the page, and click Account Settings.

Then, click on the Billing tab of the settings screen.

Click on the button that says View Billing Portal.

Click Continue To Billing Portal

If the Billing Portal tab does not appear, you may need to allow popups on your browser. Please see this article to learn how allow popups on your browser.

Once inside the Billing Portal, click on the button that says Cancel.

Select a reason for your cancellation request, and type a custom answer if you wish (this is optional). Then, click on the button that says Cancel My Subscription.

The system will display your subscription's cancelation date (this is the end of your current billing cycle). Under your subscription plan, you will see that your account is now Pending Cancellation.


If you have any questions or require assistance, please reach out to our Support Team!