How to Create a Homework Link to Send Materials Home

Sharing materials has never been easier with our magic links – no student or parent account is needed!

Are you looking to send materials home to reinforce skills learned in the classroom? Or perhaps you want to show parents or other educators what you have been working on with your learners? 


If you are subscribed to the Basic plan, you’ll notice that you have a limit of 2 homework links per month. The Premium plan comes with unlimited homework links. If you are interested in upgrading to the Premium plan, please see this article.


To learn how to create and send a homework link, view our video tutorial or follow the steps below! 


To share a piece of material, simply click the button labeled Send as Homework on any material in the platform under the Social Communication Curriculum. You can find this button in the Browse All Materials view, on your Saved Lists, or on the Material itself.



When you click this button, you will receive a unique link that will allow the student to click the link and view the material at home. 

You can share this link with the student or parent through Email, Google Classroom or any other communication tool.


You will only be able to share this link with students by clicking the yellow Copy Link button. Copying the URL from the browser will not allow students to access the materials.