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How to use the Full Curriculum

Getting started with the Social Communication Curriculum

Not sure where to start with your learner? The Full Curriculum walks you through all of our materials from beginning to end. Navigate the curriculum by viewing the complete listing of our Skills and Goals, and click on a Goal to access the Lesson Units within.

You can also follow along with our Everyday Speech expert here!

Skills & Goals 

Our curriculum is divided into Skills and Goals. 

Skills are overarching areas to work on, like Basic Conversations, Problem Solving, and Friendship. Each Skill is made up of multiple Goals. For example, Conversation Topics includes the goals of Making Connected Comments and Think it or Say It, among others.

When you navigate to our Skills listing, you’ll notice that Skills are in a numbered order. This is our suggested developmental order for a learner that is starting from the absolute beginning. It’s likely that you’ll have learners who have very specific needs - it’s entirely okay to start somewhere in the middle, or jump around in an order that makes sense for you.

Once you choose a Skill that you’d like to work on, Goals will appear on the right-hand side. Again, this is in a suggested order, but you can feel free to jump to the best starting point for your learner.

Once you select a Goal, you’ll be taken to the Goal page.


Packed with a ton of great information, our Goal pages are the powerhouse of our curriculum. They contain:

Goal Summaries - great for matching with IEP goals. 

Britt’s Tips - quick training videos, see Britt’s suggestions on how she would teach her students using the material!

Visual Supports - downloadable icons and posters, great for reinforcing concepts taught.

Pre-made Lesson Units - Lesson bundles for Complete Guided Therapy (Legacy, Basic, or Premium subscribers only! Not available for Videos-Only (Legacy) subscribers.

Please note: Not every Goal has Britt’s Tips and visual tools right now. We’re constantly adding these, so check back throughout the school year to see if we’ve added them. If there’s a particular Goal you’d really like to see a Britt’s Tip for, definitely let us know!

Lesson Units

On our Goal pages, you’ll find the Lesson Units that bundle and organize our materials for you (Not available for Videos-Only (Legacy) subscribers). Designed to take the questions and effort out of lesson planning, the Lesson Units suggest an order for teaching a Goal and present our best materials for that Goal.

Each lesson follows the same structure to ensure your learners are mastering each goal. They follow the sequence of:

  1. Introduce

  2. Practice

  3. Apply

  4. Review

Every lesson is designed to take up an entire session. That said, if you have shorter or longer session times or your student is moving at a different pace, don’t feel you have to stick to the one (1) lesson per session rule. Every learner is different! We highly recommend reviewing video lessons multiple times to make sure your learners retain the skills taught.

Lesson units are broken down into different age groups - Pre-K - Elementary and Middle - High School. Learners on the fringes of these age groups may be able to use either one. Generally, our Middle - High School units have videos with older actors, and more complex worksheets and activities.

We’re adding new units all the time, so if you don’t see a unit for a goal you want to work on, check back later and we may have added it!