How we Define the Level of a Learner

We suggest trying out different levels of materials to find lessons that are the best match. Ideally these lessons will challenge your child and help them grow but are not too difficult.

Emergent: This may be a good place to start if your learner is below the age of 7, has limited cognitive abilities, or is brand new to a skill (i.e. it’s the first time they’ve started to work on it).

Intermediate: This level of material may be best for your learner if they are within the ages of 7-13, are able to perform a skill with some help but not on their own, or have been working on a skill for some time and are ready for the next level of difficulty.

Advanced: This level would be best for learners older than 13, are ready to be challenged by a skill, and can perform the skill with a small amount of help, or on their own in some settings but not in all. For example, an individual may understand when adults use sarcasm but have trouble understanding when peers are sarcastic.

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