Is Everyday Speech backed by evidence-based studies?


Our materials are all written by licensed nationally board-certified Speech Language Pathologists and are based on the tenants of video modeling, which is the gold-standard in interventions for social skills. 

Video Modeling is an evidence-based strategy using video recordings to model a desired skill. This technique has been shown to quickly improve and maintain new social skills. Our videos teach a full array of social competencies to improve school adjustment, cope with the ever-changing social environment, navigate emotions, make informed social decisions to solve problems, and understand prescribed social rules. 

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We developed our teaching method based on the following underlying skills needed to succeed socially and emotionally: understanding theory of mind, predicting multivariate outcomes, and recognizing social consequences. 

While there are no published studies using our materials at this moment, video modeling is a teaching practice backed by over twenty years of research. Please visit our website to read more about how we designed our curriculum:

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