My school already has a Social-Emotional Learning curriculum, how does this fit in?

The Social-Emotional Learning Platform is a great addition to any current curriculum because it comes with so many materials and covers such a wide range of skills and

goals. Use the video lessons, games, or printables as supplemental materials - we’re confident these will enhance or fit in all with the target learning areas of existing curriculums.

It is also a good idea to ask yourself if the Social-Emotional Learning curriculum at your school is working for you. If not, look at what isn’t working for your school or district. Is your current curriculum outdated, and your learners don’t relate to it? Is it not engaging your students? Do teachers dread using it because it is prep-heavy? 

If these are your biggest concerns, you’re in luck! Everyday Speech has solved all of those problems for you. We add new materials every month, our materials are fresh and relatable, and we have designed our curriculum to be no-prep for ease of use.

For more information on our curriculum, please download our Scope and Sequence document here