Troubleshooting Error Codes



Blank screen

Reasons for this error message: If your device or school uses an AdBlock, it may have blocked our website.

You can access Everyday Speech by turning off your adblocker when visiting Everyday Speech's site:
2. While on the website, select the adblock icon in your browser. A popular option, AdBlock Plus, looks like a red shield with the letters ABP in the center.
3. The easiest way to turn off your adblocker for our site is to click the large Power button that appears after you select your adblock icon. For different ablockers, this also might look like a toggle switch.
If this does not work, under Pause on this site, select Always to add the site to your allowlist. For different adblockers, the language might be different.
4. Refresh your page, or close and reopen your browser if refreshing doesn't do the trick.


Expired session: please log in again

Reasons for this error message:

  1. If your employer is paying for your account, your access may have been terminated.
    What to do: Ask your admin/employer if they have renewed your Everyday Speech access, and have this individual reach out to us at to resolve any access issues.
  2. Your browser may need a refresh.
    What to do: Clear your browser cookies and cache, close and restart your browser, and attempt to log in again by visiting

No account found for this email: Support Code 120

Reasons for this error message:

  1. Your email address may not be spelled correctly. 
    What to do: Double-check the spelling of your email address and try again.

  2. Your account may be under a different email address. 
    What to do: Try all possible email addresses that may be associated with an account. You can update your email address at any time by reaching out to us here.

  3. You do not have an account with us (you have not attempted to sign up), or you have not had an account with us for many years. 
    What to do: Sign up for a new account here:

  4. You attempted to sign up for a new account by visiting and entering your information, but you are still unable to log in. 
    What to do: Reach out to our Support team here:

  5. You were told that an account was purchased on your behalf (either by your school district or your business), but you are still unable to log in.
    What to do: Reach out to our Support team here, and tell us your school district or business name to help us locate the order:

Incorrect password: Support Code 126

Reasons for this error message:

  1. The password you typed into the Password field is not correct.
  • What to do: Click the "eye" icon to reveal what you have typed, as shown below:

    Passwords are case-sensitive, which means the lowercase and uppercase letters in your password must be in the correct places. 
  • Ensure your Caps-Lock key on your keyboard is not activated.
  • Additionally, if your browser is auto-filling your password (typing it in for you), your browser might be providing the wrong password. You can always highlight and delete the auto-filled password and re-type your correct password.

    2.   You tried to reset your password, but you didn't receive the password reset email and you cannot get into your account.

    What to do: First, check your email's Spam folder, as sometimes our emails end up in there. If you still do not see the password reset email, reach out to our Support team here:

Infinite loading circle in a video, or the game does not look as expected



Reasons for this error:

  1. Your internet connection is unstable.

    What to do: Check your location's WiFi strength here: If your WiFi strength is weak, try lowering the quality of the video by clicking on the "gear" icon, and selecting "SD." 
  2. If you log in on many different devices, or you have not logged out of your account for some time. Your account might just need a refresh!

    What to do: 

    1. Go to

    2. Enter your email.

    3. Enter your password.

    You can also try clearing your browser history and cache. Follow the appropriate instructions from this article.
  3. Your district or business's firewall settings are blocking Everyday Speech content from playing. This is usually the case if you've had access problems since you created your account, or if our content is suddenly not working without warning and the internet speed is OK.

    What to do: Ask your IT department to unblock the domain and subdomains of <> and <>, as our site elements may have been blocked by your employer's firewall.
  4. If this does not fix the problem, please book a call with our Support team here to troubleshoot the issue in real-time: