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What usage tracking is offered by the Everyday Speech Admin Portal?

See your most frequent Everyday Speech users at a glance!

In order to use the Everyday Speech Admin Portal, you must be a designated administrator for your district account. Please reach out to us at support@everydayspeech.com with any questions.

We offer two different kinds of usage tracking in the Admin Portal:

1. Days active

2. Password set


Days active:

This is the total number of days that the user has logged in and used their account since their license was originally activated. Click on the number listed to view a detailed listing of which dates the account was used:


Please note: for licenses activated before February 21, 2022, the "Days active" feature demonstrates a count of days with an active session starting from February 21, 2022.


Password set:

This is simply an indication of whether the user's password has been set. 

If a user's password has been set, that means they have logged into Everyday Speech for the first time, and they have been able to successfully access their account.


This is shown with a check mark:


However, if a user has not set their password, an X will appear under the "Password set" column:


If someone has not set their password, first check that the spelling of their email address is correct! They will not receive the Welcome email or be able to access Everyday Speech if the email address has been typed incorrectly. To learn how to correct an email address, see here.