What’s the difference between the SCC and the SEL curriculum?

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Everyday Speech's curricula offerings:


Social Communication Curriculum (SCC): the SCC is designed to teach social communication skills to children who benefit from direct teaching. We cover the complete range of skills from basic to more advanced. The SCC was designed to provide Tier 3 support (intense, 1:1 individualized intervention). Our lessons are written in developmental order and progress through the units. Units are composed of video lessons, web games, and interactive activities. Professionals who would use this the most are speech-language pathologists, BCBA's, SPED teachers, school psychologists, or social workers. 


Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum (SEL): the SEL curriculum is designed for any student to gain a more in-depth understanding of social-emotional skills. These are fundamental skills that all people can benefit from. The SEL curriculum was designed to provide Tier 1 or 2 support for general education classrooms. The skills are based on CASEL competencies. Materials are laid out in a 40-week track to cover the entire school year, using one lesson per week. Professionals who would use this the most are teachers, school counselors, school psychologists, or social workers.


Bundled Curricula: this is our best-of-both-worlds subscription offering! This plan includes both the SCC and our SEL curriculum. This is great for the educator that works in both small group and whole class settings, supporting Tier 1, 2, and 3 instruction in both Social-Emotional Learning and Social Communication. Learn more about our bundled curricula here


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