Why are we still receiving "payment reminder" emails, even though we have sent payment?

If you have already sent payment for an invoice, but are still receiving emails from us that payment has not been received, here are a few reasons why!

Is our current remittance address up to date?

Here are our most recent vendor details:


Registered address:

6 Liberty Square


Boston, MA 02109, USA


Mailing and payment remittance address:

Everyday Speech LLC

DEPT CH 17439

Palatine, IL 60055-7439


ACH Details

Bank Name:

Silicon Valley Bank

Account Number:


Routing/Transit Number:



Bank Address:

3003 Tasman Drive

Santa Clara, CA 95054

Tel: 617-564-3143

Fax: 617-841-7037



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If it’s not, we recommend stopping payment and reissuing payment to our current address. Please reach out to us here to let us know that you have issued a stop payment, and if there is anything we can provide to assist with this process!


If you sent a payment through ACH, please notify us at purchasing@everydayspeech.com with the reference number. If it was sent to a different bank other than the details listed above, the funds should be returned to you. 


If they have not been returned, please reach out to us with a bank statement so we can investigate further. 


Has the check been lost?


If you have sent your check to the correct address over 30 days ago and the check is still not marked as “cashed”, we recommend issuing a stop on the payment and reissuing the check. You may reach out to us here if you have any questions about your payment status.