Why does the billing portal look different?

We’ve updated our Billing Portal so that you can enjoy all the self-serve features you love!

Some of the terms may differ from our old Billing Portal. Let’s take a look at what's changed!

When you launch our Billing Portal, you should see an overview of your plan, your billing cycle, and the various options you have for your subscription! You can still change your plan, put your subscription on hold (pause), cancel, update your payment methods, and look at your Billing History.

Looking to pause your subscription? You can click the Put on Hold button under your plan and this will pause your subscription! Please see this article for more information on putting your subscription on hold.

Looking to ‘Edit your Subscription’? You can now change and preview your new plan when you click Change Plan. Please see this article for more information on upgrading/downgrading your subscription. 

Please note that if you are trialing the Social-Emotional Learning Platform, changing your plan will result in bypassing the trial period, and the payment method on file will be charged. Please reach out to Customer Support if you would like to change your subscription plan during your free trial.

Looking for your ‘Billing History’? It’s now under ‘Invoices’! You can see a full list of all your invoices here. To download a PDF copy of a specific invoice, just click the View button.

And that’s all! 

If you have canceled your account and would like to reactivate it, please reach out to the Support team here and we’d be happy to help!