Why was my payment unsuccessful? Why was my card declined?

This article is only for credit card customers whose subscriptions were purchased directly through our website. If you purchased your subscription through the iOS App Store, please visit  https://support.apple.com/billing .

If your credit card has sufficient funds and hasn't expired, the most likely reason that your payment was unsuccessful was that it was blocked on your bank's end. In this situation, we have no control over their decision to block the card. 

We have 2 quick solutions that we recommend in this situation:

1. We can send you a secure link to enter a new payment method - you can enter a new card there and we can try to run the charge again. Please reach out to us here to request this link. 

2. You can call the number on the back of your credit card and ask why they blocked the charge. You can verify that it was a legitimate purchase, and ask them to unblock it so we can run the charge again.