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How can I pilot or purchase the SEL curriculum?

See our buyer guide to learn more!

Interested in our Social-Emotional Learning curriculum?

Our SEL curriculum is a fully structured, week-by-week curriculum designed for use school-wide or district-wide. This could be a single SEL specialist who visits classrooms to teach SEL, a team of school counselors using SEL with their students, or all the general education teachers in a district teaching SEL for a few minutes per day.

Please click here for our expansive buyer guide! This will show you how to purchase our SEL curriculum, and includes implementation support.

I'd like a few educators to try the SEL curriculum before purchase. Is this possible?

Yes! We are now offering a completely free, no-commitment 8 week pilot of our SEL program. Educators will get to try our SEL curriculum for 8 weeks to see if Everyday Speech will be a good fit for your school.


Please click here to learn more about our pilot program or sign up for a pilot.


To learn more about our curricula offerings, click here.

Not sure if SEL is right for you?

You may schedule a call with us here and one of our representatives will meet with you at your preferred time.