Using the My Classroom feature to personalize your lesson plans!

Student Management Features

The My Classroom feature allows you to keep track of your learners' viewing history, locate all of your magic links you have sent out, and review all of your saved lists you are planning on using in your next lesson!

If you are signed up with our Basic Plan, you’ll notice you are limited to two of each feature (two Student Profiles, two Homework Links per month, and two Saved Lists) and no groups feature. If you are on the Premium Plan, you will have unlimited access to all features.

If you are interested in upgrading to the Premium Plan, you can do so in our online billing portal or reach out to our Support team.


My Students & Groups

Organize your classroom by assigning material to specific students. You will be able to see a list of all your students and assign them material individually, or in a group. You can create group profiles and assign students to each group.

My Homework Assignments

You can now share materials with learners directly without having them create an account. 

When your learner(s) open the link you have shared with them, they can view the material and then report that they have completed it by entering their first name and last initial.

For each link you share, you can get a report of the names of the students who have completed the assignment. This could be as few as 1 student or as many as the entire class or grade level. If you have a Student Profile created for the learner who responds, the names will be automatically matched and the material will be added to the student’s watch history.

Follow along with our Everyday Speech Expert to learn How to Send Content/Materials as HW Using our Magic Homework Link

Saved Lists

All material that you saved will go under your Saved Lists. This is where you store your go-to pieces of content for easy access. 

This is a great feature to personalize the platform for yourself and your learner! It provides you with the opportunity to prepare for sessions and also organize all of our content and materials in a way that makes the most sense for you! It provides all the flexibility you need to plan your lessons. No two learners are the same so the save list feature so now you can tailor each list to any learner!

Follow along with our Everyday Speech Expert to learn more about how to create and manage your Saved Lists here!