Am I using the SCC or the SEL curriculum?

Wondering which curriculum you are currently using?

1.  SCC: Social Communication Curriculum?



2.  SEL: Social-Emotional Learning?

A quick way to tell which curriculum you are using is to log in and take a look at your account!

If your screen looks like this when you click the Full Curriculum tab, you are using the Social Communication Curriculum! 

If your screen looks like this when you first log in, you are using the Social-Emotional Learning curriculum!

What if I am prompted to choose my curricula?

This means that you have access to our Bundled Curricula! This is our best-of-both-worlds subscription offering, where you have full access to both our SCC and our SEL curriculum.

If you have our Bundled plan, your screen will look like this when you log in:


Please view your curriculum’s section in our Help Center for information on how to get started using the curriculum, clinical information about the curriculum, and more!

SCC information

SEL information