Does the Social Learning Platform offer progress monitoring tools?

Yes, we do have an informal solution for data tracking assessment for our Social Communication Curriculum! Our printable Goal Bank and printable data tracking assessment sheets exist in our Social-Emotional Learning Platform.


The goals & objectives in our goal bank & data assessment sheets were created by Everyday Speech’s team of clinicians and align with each Skill and Goal within our curriculum.

Goal Bank

The objectives in our Goal Bank even have customizable elements, since we know each learner is different! The text written in blue can be changed to fit your learner's personal goals.

Data Tracking and Assessment

This informal tool aims to collect measurable data and track progress over time. We would recommend taking the Pre-Assessment data at the beginning of the school year or therapy sessions in the “pre” data row.

You can track intervention data in the data cells we have provided.


Take Post-Assessment data at least two more times over the course of the year. 


Download by goal in the "Data Tracking and Assessment" section of our Full Curriculum, or click on "Visual Supports" to download the entire bundle!

While our current version exists as printable PDFs, a digital student data tracking solution is on our roadmap for August 2023.