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Using saved lists

Access your Saved Lists

There are two (2) ways you can access your saved lists. You can access the Saved Lists under the My Classroom tab on the navigation bar, or you can access them from the bottom of the dashboard.

Saving a Piece of Content

Use the Save to List dropdown on any piece of content.

In the dropdown, you can add the content to an existing list, or create a new list starting with that piece of content.


We suggest starting off with one list called "Favorites", where you store your go-to pieces of content for easy access.

Printing a Saved List

Need to share the list with a parent or another educator? You can easily do so by printing off any of your saved lists!

To start, click on the Saved List that you want to print.

Click the Printable Version button on the saved list you want to print from.

A pdf file of your saved list will be generated. You can save the file and then print it.